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Herbal Treatment

Please Read All Terms & Conditions
As I accept your purchase of service/s and make a legally enforceable agreement without further reference to you, you must read these terms and conditions to make sure they contain all that you want and nothing you are not happy with. If you would like further information, please contact us on 07715 290 555.

1. The terms and conditions will apply to the you, the customer who has purchased the services of Kay Wilkinson, trading as -

2.The Kay Wilkinson Holistic Therapy Training School, known as the proprietor

3. Place of business- 22, Christine Avenue, Rushwick, Worcester, WR2 5SP. 

4. Email -

5. Business number- Mobile, 07715 290 555


6.These are the terms and conditions in which we sell all services to you. By ordering any of these services, i.e. a training course/s, these are the terms and conditions you agree to be bound by.

7.The description of services is laid out on my website, brochures and social media. Any photographic material is there for illustrative purposes only.

8. In cases such as enlarged reading material, audio/visual/sign language and other forms of modified training material with special requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure the specification you provide is accurate.

9. All services are subject to availability and an agreement is to be concluded by you, the consumer and Kay Wilkinson the proprietor of the company.

10. I can make changes to services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law and/or safety requirement.

11. You must co-operate with us in all matters relating to the service you are purchasing and provide us with all the relative information to provide the service and obtain the necessary consent.

12. Failures to comply with the above is the consumer default which allows us to suspend training with a view to modify or cancel the service. A reason will always be given. 

Basis of Sale

13. When an order has been made, we reserve the right to reject the purchase immediately however a reason will always be given.

14. When a service has been accepted, a contract will be formed via email from The Kay Wilkinson Holistic Therapy Training School. 

15. A quotation of the service required is valid for 7 days from its date unless we expressly withdraw it or extend it via email where an audit trail will be kept. This is at the discretion of Kay Wilkinson. 

16. No variation of the contract can be altered unless pre agreed by the consumer and proprietor via written agreement i.e. email with an audit trail.

Fees & Payment

17.We intend the terms and conditions are satisfactory to you the consumer and payment be made upon receipt of invoice and the relevant training course will take place on the agreed date at the business premises.

18. If this is not the case you are required to contact Kay Wilkinson to cancel your order within 7 days.

19.The fees for the training course and another charges will be set out clearly in an invoice sent via email and are NON-REFUNDABLE.

20. The following methods of payment are accepted: Contactless card machine- accepting all major credit and debit cards or Bank Transfer stated on invoice.

21. Only when your payment is cleared and paid in full on receipt, will your place on the training course be confirmed on the date agreed.

Withdrawal and Cancelation

22. You can withdraw from the order before the contract has been made and monies paid without giving a reason.

23. If in any case Kay Wilkinson cannot complete the training course on the pre booked date due to illness, bereavement or other unforeseen circumstances, a new date will be agreed.

24. In the event that the consumer cannot make the agreed training date/s at least 7 days’ notice is required and a new date will be agreed between you and Kay Wilkinson. Less than 7 days’ notice may result in a charge.

25. Should a resolution fail to be agreed by all parties, following a breakdown of communication a discretionary partial/full refund may be granted dependant on circumstances. We will not speak to a 3rd party.

26. One calendar week before the training course, your course material will be sent. It is your responsibility to read the material and make a note of questions to be answered on the training course. All courses are at certificate level unless otherwise stated i.e. CPD/workshop and it is the responsibility of the student to practice and acquire a good level of competency before practicing your skill on the general public. 

27. You can withdraw from the training course up to and including the day of the course if you feel it is not right for you however this is at your own expense and no refund shall be given.

28. We will provide the following after sales service: A fully accredited insurable certificate that you may wish to gain 3rd party liability insurance in order to treat members of the general public within your professional and personal capabilities. We will not be held responsible for the consumer mall practice; you need to ensure you have the relevant insurance to practice outside of my training room.

29. Telephone, email and social media support is given regarding the course during working hours of Monday – Friday 9am till 5pm for as long as Kay Wilkinson is trading. 

30. You are also entitled to attend one future training sessions of the course purchased free of charge to refresh your knowledge.

31. All personal data supplied to us regarding your training course is kept in accordance with the data protection and GDPR Laws.

Excluding Liability

32. We exclude liability for any fraudulent act, omissive behaviour, your personal injury or death due to negligence and inappropriate behaviour. It is your duty to conduct yourself in a manor in which is responsible whilst on the business premises. 

33. Any personal possessions brought to and vehicles parked on the premises are at your own risk and we do not take responsibility for their theft, loss or damage.

Complaints and Litigation

34. I am fully qualified with the relevant teaching, treating and 3rd party liability insurance. The contract is governed by the law of England and Wales. Disputes can be submitted to the courts of England or Wales. If you have a complaint, please contact Kay Wilkinson at the business premises to discuss your concerns.

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