Acupressure Neck Massage


Remedial Massage, Including acupuncture, ultrasound, sports massage techniques, aromatherapy oils and hot stones.                                             ~~~~~                                     Reflexology My personal favourite treatment. It is said that by massaging parts of the foot in a relaxing way, this can stimulate parts of the body and can aid in healing conditions  including IBS, PMT, muscle aches and pains plus many many more.           ~~~~~                                                                                    Holistic Spa Facial. A prescriptive facial to treat all skin types with beautiful Temple Spa products, this facial includes a sublime face, neck shoulder scalp hand and arm massage.                            ~~~~~                                              Spiritual Healing. A collective treatment to include crystals, Reiki, past life regression and working with spirit, guides and angels for your highest good.                                                           ~~~~~                                               Tarot, Angel and Rune Reading