Para Professionals

If I am unable to accommodate clients or I think you may be better suited to another therapist, I recommend my peers.  They have a wealth of experience and are all very friendly and approachable so please feel free to have a look at their profiles. In addition to health and wellbeing, there are personal recommendations from myself from other sectors you may find useful.


Walk & Talk Therapy

Mel Harris, Mel Harris Therapies - Rushwick, Worcester. 
Mel is my go to peer. There isn't much Mel hasn't done! Mel is an accomplished therapist who has worked world wide, her speciality now is Hypnotherapy and various types of talk therapy. Mel combines talk and massage methods to give a more rounded therapy. A very experienced lady who has seen and heard it all.


Tranquil Body Therapy

Alina Sanger - Tranquil Body Therapies, Pershore.
Alina is one of life's rare gems, she is a pure soul who cares so much for her surroundings and the people in it and from the moment you are with her she is focused on you and makes time stand still. Her specialities include Reiki, several forms of specialist massage as well as beauty treatments. Enjoy feeling taken care of for a few hours.


Julie's Complimentary Therapies

Julie Finch, Julies Complimentary Therapies. Malvern- Julie is a very experienced therapist specializing in sports therapy, holistic massage, she is a Reiki Master and a very gifted psychic. Her specially constructed cabin will be bring a sense of calmness to even the most chaotic minds.


Victoria Hart Therapies

Victoria Hart, Victoria Hart Therapies BA Hons, Pershore
Victoria devotes her life to practicing what she preaches. She is a breath of fresh air and lifts anyone who is lucky enough to be in her company. Victoria specializes in treating NHS staff and patients where she works as an accomplished practitioner. When she is not working hard for Worcs NHS trust she has a new log cabin where she offers Aromatherapy and Reflexology to a very high standard. A pleasure to know. Enjoy!


Bienestar Nutrition

Karen Swindell, Bienestar Food For Life, Worcester. 
Karen is a nutritionist who works with men and woman 40+ who are noticing changes within the body, misbehaving and not working like it used to. Karen is also a menopause and weight loss coach and can help you start to feel human again. Give her a call and take the 1st step to becoming you again.


Mctimmoney Chiropractor

Rachel Arrowsmith, Chiropractor
If you continuously have sore muscles and reoccurring musculoskeletal problems then seeing a chiropractor may be an option for you.
Call Rachel for a consultation to see if she can help
Rachel - 0773060128