Pregnancy & Baby Massage


Pregnancy massage can be extremely beneficial from the 2nd trimester onwards. It can relieve aches, pains, enhance sleep and relaxation, prevent headaches, migraines, improve circulation and reduce fluid retention. Feel supported at what can be an anxious time £40

Pre & Post Pregnancy Massage

Reflexology Therapy

Maternity Reflexology is an ancient foot massage treatment that can be very beneficial for gestational diabetes, musculoskeletal issues, sluggish circulation, insomnia, anxiety and above all a wonderfully relaxing experience during your pregnancy  £40

Maternity Reflexology

Mother and Baby

Baby and children's Massage helps with sensory stimulation and healthy development as well as valuable bonding time. The benefits include relieving constipation, colic, enhances sleep and boosts the immune system. It can also relax baby, child and you £30

Baby & Children's Massage