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Holistic Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage
3 Day Course £400
No Pre-requisites

Aromatherapy is a slow relaxing massage using essential oils that have many healing properties, these are combined to make a synergistic blend tailored just for you for many ailments

Swedish Body Massage 
2 day Course £300
No Pre-requisites

Swedish Body Massage is an invigorating massage and brisk in movement that is ideal for sluggish circulations and lymphatic drainage. You can use a fragrance free oil that is perfect for sensitive skin and a good alternative to using aromatherapy oils

3 Day Course £400
No Pre-requisite

Reflexology is said to stimulate each part of the sole of your foot that represents an organ in the body and can help to clear any blockages you have. A wonderful relaxing foot massage- not a tickle! Great for ailments such as IBS, musculoskeletal conditions, PMT and many more. The treatment works along side conventional medicine when direct massage on the body is not always appropriate

Indian Head Massage 
1 Day Course £160
No Pre-requisites

Indian head massage is for people with tension in the head and neck area. You are sat upright and do not remove any clothing. You work on pressure points of the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper arms and cover chakras

Hot Stone Massage 
1 Day Course £160
Pre-requisite - Body Massage Qualification

The Hot Stones glide over your tight muscles are the equivalent to 10 hand pressures, this is a very effective way of penetrating deeper and bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to your muscles increasing blood flow thus easing tension- a brilliant addition to your massagetreatments


Thai Foot Massage
1 Day Course £160
Pre-requisites- Reflexology or Body Massage Qualification

Thai Foot Massage works on your Sen lines, (or energy channels) on your feet and lower legs and can help promote good health. Cleansing the feet and legs along with the traditional Wai Kru prayer before the treatment is a mark of respect and gives thanks for the healing energy that flows through us during the treatment. A massage stick is used over the feet to stimulate your sen points along with brisk movements and stretches. Cream is also used rather than an oil.

Hopi Ear Candling with Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage
3 hours £100
Pre-requisites- Body Massage Qualification

Hopi ear candling is great if you are prone to sinusitis, ear wax build up and coughs or colds. It is said that the hollow candle will draw out any impurities you have. A holistic facial massage is advised to compliment this treatment as it will help to drain pressure points around the eyes and ears


Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology

1 day course £160

Pre requisite - Body Massage Qualification

Pregnancy massage and Maternity Reflexology can be extremely beneficial from the 2nd trimester onwards. It can relieve aches, pains, enhance sleep and relaxation, prevent headaches, migraines, improve circulation and reduce fluid retention. Help your clients to feel supported at what can be an anxious time

Holistic Training: Treatments
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